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The classic Chinese herbal formula, Zhi Gan Cao Tang (Baked Licorice combination) stops heart palpitations and nourishes the heart to avoid future ones. Get them from your licensed acupuncturist or at a Chinese herbal pharmacy. Herbal remedies take some minutes or up to a half hour to digest, but are very effective in their results. Depending on the severity of your condition, one bottle may be enough to permanently correct the situation.

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sorry for rambling but you seem very smart on the subject and could just use some insight from others who have similar stories your site has taught me somethings that have helped a lot.

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Sorry all, but I really dont think religion should be added into the same arena alongside medical medical science is absolutely real, the other is, well, let 8767 s just leave it at that.

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Do you drink enough water? Do you have reflux? My sister in law is a nurse & asked me all these questions after I had a holster on & all this blood work & scans done. Yes I drink plenty of water & yes I have some reflux at night. She told me to try Prilosec or Tums for a week. I guess reflux can cause irritation of esophagus which can cause pitter-patters of the heart. Worth a try if it could be that easy….wow huh? I 8767 m going to try it!!

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This page was really the most helpful for me out of all the ones I read. Some techniques I knew already,but there were a few good one 8767 s I tried with success. Thank you!

Julie, Thanks for sharing your story. I am really sorry to hear that you had a bad run of heart palpitations and you had to go to the ER, but I am glad that nothing serious was found. I hope you are feeling better now and finally getting some rest. Definitely get checked out by a Cardiologist when you get the chance, but it certainly sounds like they may have been brought on by stress. I know my heart palpitations always flare up when I am exhausted and eating poorly.

also try to release air slowly , and close your eyes imagine warm feeling in your toes and stuff also helps me, what helps me the most is to go out for a run, or just run in place , it usually makes my heart beat normal again and calm me down.

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