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Well, now he drinks 6 to 7 days a week. He gives excuses for drinking. He feels like he shouldn 8767 t have to pay bills and even wants to sell our home. He doesn 8767 t want to go anywhere with me and all he does is drink from the moment he gets home from work until it is time for bed. He is probably watching porn because he sits in front of his computer while drinking.

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My boyfriend is the warmest, loving, most compassionate, funny, amazing man I know. That man is still inside and it makes my stomach turn that this evil disease has masked the real him. I want my kids to remember the man I know and not see this person I don 8767 t recognize anymore.

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My boyfriend and I have a good time with drinking together and I thought everything is normal. He is really good to my little girl, with or without drinking. My whole life I 8767 ve been with drinking parents a father who is verbally abusive and a mother that can 8767 t control it or stop. I told myself I would never put my daughter through the life I had.

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A few months before we started dating, he got his third DUI. He had a bracelet to monitor for alcohol until he went to jail for the DUI. He spent 95 days split between jail and rehab. Had the bracelet again for a couple months after he got out, so all was good. After he got the bracelet off, he immediately started drinking again.

First off, there’s no law against being an entrepreneur. In fact, everyone can be an entrepreneur. So what they really mean is: “not everyone can be a successful entrepreneur. 8776 And as far as I know, there’s no law against failure either.

Also over the years he has become resentful of me and angry and emotionally deficient. I 8767 ve blamed myself and sought therapy for anxiety and depression, even medication to help myself. I never equated his mood swings to alcohol. He never really acts drunk, slurs his speech or appears unbalanced , but he must never be sober. I can 8767 t count how many beers he drinks in a day, and that 8767 s just what I know about.

A couple months ago he was working lots. I am off for the summer can afford and need it. He decides he is somehow supporting me and that I am having some kind of affair with a water hauler. Interesting and almost funny as our water hauler is a 65-year-old man with a Mohawk. I ignored most of it, until he punched me in the face and broke my nose going on and on about what a whore I am, then up and hit me. My being German, Hungarian and some Irish might have played a part in how it played out. No skinny drunk retard that took the winter off work is going to call me a lazy whore. I broke bones in his face and ribs.

Wow, this is so similar to what I 8767 m going through. I 8767 m 69 years old myself, and I 8767 ve been dating my boyfriend for almost 9 months. He 8767 s 78. He has been drinking since he was 66, and it got really bad. Then there was a period where he had stopped and was only having a casual beer every now and then, and that 8767 s when he met me. But then things started getting really bad in the past two months for him, causing him to become an alcoholic again.

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