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Major Criticisms At Classical Management Theorists

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 02:43

Theory Y may be hard to utilize where there are a large number of employees, but can be utilized on the departmental/divisional managers of an organization. This theory also effects the management of promotions, salaries, and development of effective managers.

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About % of the population is below the poverty line. About half the graduates are unemployable because they don’t have the skills required by the industry. Rural population which constitutes 68% of the population lives in abject poverty and finds it difficult to make ends meet. There is an urgent need to make this group of people self sufficient and self reliant if we want to grow at 8% an year.

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At societal level, when the government provides unemployment allowance, it promotes unemployment in the society. People become complacent that the government is going to take care of their needs and become lethargic in seeking employment which, in turn, promotes incompetence among the workforce and frustrates meritocracy. The end product of this is a backward society riddled with social evils like drinking and crime. Such a society is also marked by tremendous inequity where 65% of Indians command more wealth than the rest 95%.

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7 I agree.
8- Right, I have mentioned too many of them.
9- Working on it. This is one area I have been repeatedly pointed out.
5Right. We shall improve

It is the time when we need to move from dole-regime to capacity- building regime where households with a long term of attaining self-sufficiency and independence from financial support from government.

implementing a government scheme is not empowerment because the government is expected to do that because they are responsible for the citizens.( example : MNREGA , we can see many candidates mentioning empowerment but if you observe carefully , MNREGA offers money to the registered persons if the government is unable to find proper work for them.

All the above pointers go against the charities when little help can work it does not entail that giving dole is always wrong. It is needed when the situation demands. In the discussed example too, Suharsh would have also given something to eat and drink before he could persuade the beggar to sell the chocolates and biscuits.

In almost all these fields, India has been endowed with historical monuments, buildings and rail, road, canal etc. all these created large number of jobs, skilled person etc. Hence, all these give sense of helping hands rather than giving doles. For it is true, that the king of that time used to give gifts to their courtesy or Brahman, but he gave in lieu of service provided by the person, learned man and soldiers etc, not as a gift without any purpose.

Doles do not come for free they have some hidden restrcitions which make a sovereign nation subservient, conform to non-indigenous solutions. The example of BOP problems of 6996 and IMF bail-out is an example.

Conclusion: fine but not impressive try to add some brownies or catchy phrases or some questions that leaves a lasting impact on the reader(i m also weak on this aspect, of the essay)

After having analysed the various dimensional advantages of lending hands, we can see that in contemporary times also, rather than providing charities, countries help each other whenever required. Whether it is India’s help to Afghanistan to build its parliament or helping Nepal in its earthquake disaster or giving suggestions to Nepal for amending constitution as ours is largest and successful democracy of the world, every time we were ready to lend helping hands.

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