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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 16:28

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Moral values essays

Practicality and shrewdness have taken the shape of greed, jealousy, negative competition and temptation for easy money which is completely detrimental to a happy and healthy social life.

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[9] Bernard Williams, Moral Luck , Cambridge University Press, 6986, 6-69. For simplicity throughout the paper I maintain the husband/wife language, which does not imply endorsing a conventional picture of romantic love, according to which lovers are heterosexual, married, etc.

One more facet is reviewing moral values as standards that rule person’s behavior regarding the good and bad. Those standards may have various sources, such as religion, society, and laws. It should be mentioned that moral values correlate with such notions as society and law. What we mean is that the moral values can be the source for social rules and laws while law and society may play their part in shaping of moral values. When the moral rule takes its place in the social life, it becomes a value with time (in case it is respected and followed by individuals). Hence, the need for its official codification appears. This is how the process of a moral value turning into a law goes.

Morals more strongly are based on social values of good and bad. Thus good morals can be distinguished from bad morals. It is correct to define them as the norms and the customs that guide the conduct and the way of life towards good, and beliefs are exhibited through acts of good and bad deeds.

The world changes, its attitude, its ideology changes too. Already long ago we forgot the exact definition of such categories as wisdom, it was replaced by knowledge happiness, which we know now as prosperity, habit and moment of leisure, satisfaction a conscience is replaced by the line of behavior.

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[7] It would have been interesting for Wolf to compare her view to Frankfurt's view in The Reasons of Love (Princeton University Press, 7556), especially given their opposite perspectives on the relation between love for others and self-love.

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