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At this point, you could grep the output by hand looking for failed tests. However, maven will do this for us just use: mvn failsafe:verify The above command basically looks at all the test results (so don 8767 t remove the 'target' directory) for test failures and reports the results.

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The default group is not like other rsgroups in that it is dynamic. Its server list mirrors the current state of the cluster . if you shutdown a server that was part of the default rsgroup, and then do a get_rsgroup default to list its content in the shell, the server will no longer be listed. For non- default groups, though a mode may be offline, it will persist in the non- default group’s list of servers. But if you move the offline server from the non-default rsgroup to default, it will not show in the default list. It will just be dropped.

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in-situ editing: By default sed outputs to 'Standard Out' (normally the console/shell). There are two mutually exclusive options to create modified files. Redirect 'standard out' to a file or use in-situ editing with the -i option. The following two lines illustrate the options:

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Either have a system rsgroup where all the system tables are or just leave the system tables in default rsgroup and have all user-space tables are in non- default rsgroups.

When the 688 owner's 688 {variety} is union , if {value} is true for every member of the 688 owner's 688 {member type definitions} set and all of the 688 owner's 688 688 basic members 688 have the same {primitive type definition} , then {value} is true otherwise {value} is false .

After reading the entire work, put it aside and write a paragraph about the work without referring to it. In the first draft, you may not remember all the key terms or the results, but you will remember what the main point of the work was. Remember not to include any information you did not get from the work being abstracted.

HBase enforces the posix-like permissions 755 ( rwx------ ) to its root directory. It means that only the HBase user can read or write the files in FS. The default setting can be changed by configuring in hbase-. A restart of the active master is needed so that it changes the used permissions. For versions before , you can check whether HBASE-68785 is committed, and if not, you can manually set the permissions for the root directory if needed. Using HDFS, the command would be:

Distcp could be used to either copy the contents of the HBase directory in HDFS to either the same cluster in another directory, or to a different cluster.

The 688 lexical mapping 688 for gYear is 688 gYearLexicalMap 688 . The 688 canonical mapping 688 is 688 gYearCanonicalMap 688 .

If you are looping through the result set of a query, look at the BULK COLLECT clause of the SELECT INTO statement as a way to bring the entire result set into memory in a single operation.

In secure mode, SecureBulkLoadEndpoint should be configured and used for properly handing of users files created from MR jobs to the HBase daemons and HBase user. The staging directory in the distributed file system used for bulk load ( , defaults to /tmp/hbase-staging ) should have (mode 766, or rwx 8758 x 8758 x ) so that users can access the staging directory created under that parent directory, but cannot do any other operation. See Secure Bulk Load for how to configure SecureBulkLoadEndPoint.

Readers interested in when leap-seconds have been introduced should consult [USNO Historical List] , which includes a list of times when the difference between TAI and 688 UTC 688 has changed. Because the simple types defined here do not support leap seconds, they cannot be used to represent the final second, in 688 UTC 688 , of any of the days containing one. If it is important, at the application level, to track the occurrence of leap seconds, then users will need to make special arrangements for special handling of them and of time intervals crossing them.

A StoreFile larger than this size will be excluded from compaction. The effect of raising is fewer, larger StoreFiles that do not get compacted often. If you feel that compaction is happening too often without much benefit, you can try raising this value.

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