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Roles and Responsibilities of Plant Commissioning Rev

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Unlike the facilitator, the meeting manager may set certain constraints and control if the meeting does not follow a harmonious process. Also, during the brainstorming or discussion, the manager is free to contribute ideas and comment on other people&rsquo s opinions.


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This page is a list of duties normally performed by a solicitor in assisting an estate trustee to obtain probate and administer the estate. It also provides a list of estate trustee duties which the estate trustee may carry out personally or through a professional which he or she hires such as a lawyer or an accountant. The lists provided in this brochure cover most of the duties to be performed however, the lists are not exhaustive as requirements will vary depending upon the amount, nature, and complexity of the assets, the age and residency of the beneficiaries, and the knowledge and skill of the estate trustee.

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Your Will can name a guardian or guardians to take custody of minor or dependent children who would otherwise be uncared-for in the event of your death.

Some considerations for the selection of guardian(s) include:

Also known as the English Law Will, it is the most common form of Will and is recognized by all the provinces. (in Ontario, under the Succession Law Reform Act, in Quebec, the Civil Code of Quebec, in all other provinces the provincial Wills Act applies) In Quebec this type of Will is known as the &rsquo Will made in the presence of witnesses&rsquo .

The Executor is the person specifically appointed to administer the Will and to ensure your final wishes are respected. It is someone you consider trustworthy and responsible and of a similar mind with respect to the disposition of your estate. It can be a spouse, often a close friend or family member, however if the estate is complicated it may be a professional - a Lawyer, Chartered Accountant or Corporate Trustee.

Generally speaking, a company’s articles of association and related corporate documents, filed with the local Administration of Industry and Commerce, set the limits of the authority of its legal representative. However, in practice, counterparties may often argue that they are unable to view these documents to determine the legal representative’s authority. In order to avoid any difficulties it is important for companies to specifically limit a legal representative’s authority in the articles of association in order to minimize the risk the legal rep may expose the company to.

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