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Date of publication: 2017-08-17 21:16

Whilst I have tried to keep Alcohol Explained as short as concise as I can, sometimes I think I have dealt with some important points too quickly, and perhaps I ought perhaps have dwelled on them a bit longer to emphasise them. In particular the there is a key part of the Chapter on ‘Alcohol’s Effects on Emotions’ which I think could do with some amplification.

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Consider the frequency with which beer drinking in taverns results in expressions of aggression. Then consider the frequency with which wine drinking at `singles bars' results in expressions of aggression.. Or, conceivably, the blood alcohol levels could even be in inverse relation to expressions of aggression if we compare beer in taverns to martinis at business luncheons or at cocktail parties.

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What I am trying to illustrate here is that the more perceived problems you have, and the more unhappy and dissatisfied you are with life generally, the more the alcohol withdrawal is going to drag you down. Everyone is going to have their own particular reasons to be happy and their own particular reasons to be miserable. These reasons will change, not only from individual to individual but will also change for each individual as time passes.

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But as I mentioned at the outset, research suggests that what is typically thought of as "age-related cognitive decline" brought on by atrophy may actually be the result of estrogen deficiency.

Research published late last year shows that the health of your brain's synapses is closely linked to cognitive decline, and that the female hormone estrogen actually restores synaptic health, thereby improving memory. As reported by Medical News Today: 7

So let’s now take a hypothetical person, one who does not consider themselves to have an alcohol problem or to be suffering from alcoholism in any way, but they do have a range of other perceived problems. Let’s then mix in a moderately bad case of alcohol withdrawal. Just to highlight it with some figures let’s say the things that make them miserable generally amount to 65, the things that make them happy amount to 65, so overall they are 55 points miserable. Let’s then say the alcohol withdrawal exacerbates this miserable feeling by a factor of 65 so they are now 555 points miserable.

Water is the force of life. Understanding this may be the most important part of any detox routine. Our bodies are roughly two-thirds water so we must make sure we are replenishing our systems with fresh, filtered water on a regular basis. In addition to flushing our primary detox organs (liver and kidneys), water, combined with heat and or exercise, drives one of the most important and scientifically proven detox methods—sauna.

Your subconscious mind will recognise that an alcoholic drink will relieve the feelings of anxiety and depression because the drink and the relief will be close together chronologically. You will take a drink and very shortly after this you will experience the relief. However, it will not associate the alcoholic drink with the cause of the anxiety and depression in the first place as it takes far longer for the anxiety and depression to accumulate after the final alcoholic drink has been drunk.

Meanwhile, there have been almost 75 related deaths in Pennsylvania in this month alone - with officials estimating a further 77 people dying of heroin-fentanyl overdoses in Rhode Island during the first two weeks of this year, according to the Providence Journal.

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