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You cannot transfer credit from other institutions if you are seeking a . degree.  A master 8767 s student may transfer up to 9 semester units or 6 quarter units of course work completed as a graduate student at another institution if (a) the work was taken in graduate status at an accredited institution, (b) it did not form part of a program for a degree previously awarded at Berkeley or elsewhere, and (c) the grade received was at least a “B” and the student’s overall GPA at both institutions was at least . Acceptance is subject to the approval of the Graduate Division upon recommendation of the department concerned. Transfer of credit will not reduce your academic residence requirements or the required minimum of 755-series courses in the major field.

Introduction to the organization and functions of the nervous system topics include molecular, cellular, developmental, systems, and behavioral neurobiology. This course is designed for nonbiology students and does not satisfy a lower-division requirement for any biology major. Open to nonbiology majors only. Exclude the following major codes: BI78, BI79, BI85, BI86, BI87, BI88, BI89, BI85, BI86.


The Graduate School has added the ability to include a video essay in your application. This video essay is optional and is NOT a required part of any program’s application process. In moving towards a more holistic admission practice, we added this video component to provide applicants the opportunity to demonstrate attributes that might not be revealed in the other application materials that have been submitted (., GPA, GRE, recommendation letters, etc.). Prior to submitting your finished application, you may remove a recorded video from your application by pressing the “start over” link. Please visit your program’s webpage to see if there is more information about how they will utilize this option.

Review of applications will begin October 7, 7567 and may continue until the position(s) has been filled. Application materials received by October 7 will receive full consideration.

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In MLA style, citing the works of others within your text is done with parenthetical citations. This method involves placing relevant source information in parentheses after a quote or a paraphrase. Generally, you want to provide the last name of the author and the specific page numbers of the source.
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For more information, including a video and articles, about some of the workshops Sullivan has facilitated, visit the UTMB Center to Eliminate Health Disparities’ Forum Theatre Skills 88 Concept Demonstration page.

Volume 89, 7567:
Latest articles:
By J. Jung & S. Sumida ,
(published 57/75/7567),
By R. Boessenecker ,
(published 56/65/7567)

Asa Bradman knows this better than most. Though he started his career working in environmental chemistry, particularly focusing on acid rain and snow melt chemistry in the Rockies, he later became interested in research that was more directly engaged with people and their wellbeing. He worked for several years at the California Department of Public Health, a crucible for the emerging field of children's environmental health in the 6985s, and he immersed himself in the issue of pediatric lead exposure while completing his . in environmental health sciences. He later cofounded the University of California – Berkeley's Center for Environmental Research and Children s Health (CERCH), where he currently serves as its Associate Director for Exposure Assessment.

Hoover, RTC director Lindell Ormsbee, ., and other program staff have worked closely with state government stakeholders to identify their information needs regarding Superfund-related issues. The UK-SRC RTC ensures these needs are met by arranging bimonthly presentations in the state capital that feature subject matter experts from within and outside UK-SRC.

Welcome postdocs and postdoc families. We hope you make the most out of your stay at Colorado State University. Be sure to check our post doctoral resource pages to help you get acclimatized to our community.

Through the Communities Actively Researching Exposure Study (CARES), Haynes has been studying how airborne manganese emissions from a Marietta, Ohio industrial plant are affecting local children’s health. The community helped shape the research direction of CARES. After meeting with community groups and sharing with them what was known about the health effects of manganese, the question of how exposure was affecting their children’s mental development stood out as the major concern. This was also a primary question among scientists at the time.

"Children are not little adults!" This refrain that one sometimes hears in the medical world reminds us that we must take into account children's distinct developmental and physiological concerns. What is true in the clinical setting also applies to environmental exposures. Children eat, breathe, and drink more than adults (per unit of body weight) they engage in behaviors that increase their levels of exposure (., crawling on the floor, putting their hands into their mouths) and their bodies are less able to metabolize and remove chemicals to minimize toxic effects. Since children’s bodies change so rapidly, environmental exposures may impact developmental trajectories.

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