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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 09:16

Without a computer one cannot perform any realistic statistical data analysis. Students who are signing up for the course are expected to know the basics of Excel.

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  • Click on a cell (. A6) and drag the mouse across the desired range, unclicking on another cell (. D9) to select all cells between and including A6 and D9.
  • To select several cells which are not adjacent, press "control" and click on the cells you want to select. Click a number or letter labeling a row or column to select that entire row or column.
  • One worksheet can have up to 756 columns and 65,586 rows, so it'll be a while before you run out of space.

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    You can access and execute commands directly from the main menu or you can point to one of the toolbar buttons (the display box that appears below the button, when you place the cursor over it, indicates the name/action of the button) and click once.


    Step 8. When correlation dialog box appears, enter B6:C69 in the input range box. Click on Labels in first row and enter a66 in the output range box. Click on OK.

    Opening a Document:

    Saving and Closing a Document: To save your document with its current filename, location and file format either click on File - Save. If you are saving for the first time, click File-Save choose/type a name for your document then click OK. Also use File-Save if you want to save to a different filename/location.

    This system is designed for mathematics, providing delivery of homework, quizzes, tests, practice tests, and diagnostics with rich mathematical content. Students can receive immediate feedback on algorithmically generated questions with numerical or algebraic expression answers.

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    Moving Around the Worksheet: It is important to be able to move around the worksheet effectively because you can only enter or change data at the position of the cursor. You can move the cursor by using the arrow keys or by moving the mouse to the required cell and clicking. Once selected the cell becomes the active cell and is identified by a thick border only one cell can be active at a time.

    Some of the icons are useful mathematical computation:
    is the "Autosum" icon, which enters the formula "=sum()" to add up a range of cells.
    is the "FunctionWizard" icon, which gives you access to all the functions available.
    is the "GraphWizard" icon, giving access to all graph types available, as shown in this display:

    Note: The regression equation in general should look like Y=m X + b. In this equation m is the slope of the regression line and b is its y-intercept.

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    Note that as you type information into the cell, the information you enter also displays in the formula bar. You can also enter information into the formula bar, and the information will appear in the selected cell.

    Another way to quickly enter repeated labels is to use the Pick List feature. Right click on a cell, then select "Pick From List." This will give you a menu of all other entries in cells in that column. Click on an item in the menu to enter it into the currently selected cell.

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    Step7. When data analysis box appears: select Anova two-factor without replication then Enter A7: D8 in the input range. Select labels in first row.

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