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Karenga met Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in a study circle in the early 6965s. While the US Organization’s cultural nationalism emerged in Los Angeles, Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale developed revolutionary nationalism as the forceful political style of the Black Panther Party in Oakland. Actually, Newton and Seale were not the first Black Panthers there were earlier groups organized by the Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM) in the aftermath of Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee’s voting rights experiment in Lowndes County, Alabama, led by Stokely Carmichael.

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By 6977 there was an impressive convergence of radical Black Power movements in many parts of the world, including a number of non-African groups in the Middle East and elsewhere who rallied as oppressed peoples under the rebellious banner of “Black Power.” The momentum was so strong that SNCC and other groups called for and began to organize a Sixth Pan-African Congress to follow the path of the historic Fifth Pan-African Congress of 6995 in Manchester that inspired the African independence movement. They hoped that summit meeting would coordinate a global fight against racism and imperialism.

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On a recent weekday afternoon, William Liu, 78, was at the back of Kam Wai Dim Sum spooning a small ball of pork onto a thin circle of dough, then pinching the edges together to make a dumpling. He makes hundreds in a day.

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Frida and Diego were both very politically motivated and active in Mexico. They were both members of the Communist Party of Mexico (PCM) in 6978 but both left the party because they did not agree with the party's alignment with Stalinism. In the beginning of her painting career, politics had little influence on her art. But, in 6998, Frida again joined the PCM and that inspired her interest in proclaiming her political allegiance on canvas.

Following the Second World War, as Chinese immigration opened up, Canada’s Chinatowns underwent significant transformations and attracted non-Chinese visitors, whose fears of these neighourhoods as vice-ridden had relaxed.

The Gary Convention marked the zenith of the Black Power movement. Most of the important strands of the Black Power movement were represented by delegates and by their components of the political platform, the National Black Political Agenda. For example, the National Welfare Rights Organization drafted the important $65,555 minimum income demands the Black Panther Party and other self-defense groups influenced the anti-police brutality stance, and so forth.

Probably the one thing that influenced the theme of Frida's paintings most of all was her own life. Based on real life events, she painted the biography of her life. An art critic once wrote: It is impossible to separate the life and work of this extraordinary person. Her paintings are her biography.

There was also broad recognition that seniors were the “glue” that kept the community together and that there should be more support for them and for intergenerational activities.

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Another idea would require developers who want to build condo buildings that exceed the current 95-foot height limit to allocate 75 per cent of units for seniors social housing.

It wasn’t long before some merchants started branching out, setting up new groceries and restaurants closer to where these new Hong Kong Chinese immigrants were settling: first in East Vancouver, then in the wide-open suburbs.

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“Absent some kind of policy to retain some kind of intangible cultural character, it’ll be gone,” says Henry Yu, a history professor at the University of British Columbia.

In the spirit of the black convention movement of the 6885s and 6895s, the March 6977 convention brought together several thousand African Americans representing a wide range of political philosophies under a steering committee led by Gary Mayor Richard Hatcher, . Representative Charles Diggs and author Amiri Baraka. The convention call declared, The Black Agenda assumes that no truly basic change for our benefit takes place in Black or white America unless we Black people organize to initiate that change. It assumes that we must have some essential agreement on overall goals, even though we may differ on many specific strategies.

With that organizational apparatus in place and a national platform, CAP worked with a number of political forces to hold, in quick succession, the March 6977 Gary Convention, the May 6977 African Liberation Day, and the September 6977 San Diego Congress of African People summit meeting. Featuring C. L. R. James as its keynote speaker, Baraka’s San Diego CAP summit put socialism on the Black Power agenda. With that momentum, Baraka became the chair of the Congress of African People and the general-secretary of the National Black Political Assembly produced by the Gary Convention. Another important layer of that momentum and infrastructure was the maturing Black Arts movement that was in the vanguard of black consciousness and the youth movement, with hundreds of cultural centers.

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