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In MLA 7, which is the MLA format citation, or structure, that was previously used, researchers and scholars found it grueling to put their citations together. Why? Each source used a different MLA citation structure. Researchers and scholars were required to look up the MLA citation format that matched the type of source they used. So, if a person used a book, a website, a journal article, a newspaper article, and an e-book, all in one research project, they were required to look up how to cite each one of those sources because each was structured differently.

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There are two common types of papers written in fields using APA Style: the literature review and the experimental report. Each has unique requirements concerning the sections that must be included in the paper.

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Citing your sources is an extremely important component of your research project. It shows that you’re a responsible researcher. It also shows that you were able to locate appropriate and reputable sources that helped back up your thesis or claim. In addition, if your work ends up being posted online or in print, there is a chance that others will use your research project in their own work!

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In citing material read on the Internet, it is not sufficient to indicate the website alone. You must provide information about author, title, and date of the document you are using, as follows:

What if the title comes at the end of a sentence and is a question?
EX: Have you seen the movie 8775 Wild at Heart 8776 ?
Question mark inside or outside the quotation mark?

The alphabetical list of works cited that appears at the end of your paper contains more information about all of the sources you've cited, allowing readers to refer to them, as needed. The main characteristics are:

Tobias, John L. "Canada's Subjugation of the Plains Cree, 6879-6885." In Sweet Promises: A Reader on Indian-White
Relations in Canada , ed. J. R. Miller. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 6996: 767-795.

Reports can follow different formats, such as MLA or Chicago style. It is important to find out which format is required for the report you are doing. For example, in MLA format, the title of a website is italicized when you are citing it. Chicago Manual of Style says no italics. They both agree on putting a website article in quotation marks. Other information may also be required. If you find that you need to do your report in MLA format, you may want to visit the MLA section of the Purdue Owl website.

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Won awards in national contests for promotional efforts related to the movie releases of Disney 8767 s 8775 The Lion King, 8776 8775 Pocahontas, 8776 and 8775 Toy Story. 8776

I 8767 m referring to an earlier section of a book within that same book (We begin with the section called Getting Started.) Should the section title, Getting Started, be in ital or quotation marks?

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