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Short Summary of “Nature” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Date of publication: 2017-08-23 03:16

The Yankees were not able
to make wage-slaves
out of the Indians.
The Yankees used to say:
8775 A good Indian
is a dead Indian. 8776
By combining cult,
that is to say liturgy,
with culture,
that is to say literature,
with cultivation,
that is to say agriculture,
the Spanish Franciscans
who went to California
succeeded in making willing workers
out of the Indians.
The Catholics of California
have not found the way
to do for the Catholic unemployed
what the Spanish Franciscans
did for the Indians.
In the meantime
the people of California
are looking for a panacea
at the expense
of the taxpayers.

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Owen says:
8775 We will never have prosperity
as long as there is no balance
between industry
and agriculture. 8776
The farmer sells
in an open market
and is forced to buy
in a restricted market.
When the farmer gets
a pair of overalls
for a bushel of wheat
the wheat and the overalls
are on the level.
When the farmer
has to give
two bushels of wheat
for a pair of overalls
the wheat and the overalls
are not on the level.
Wheat and overalls
must be on the level.

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And we are now
in the age of chaos.
In an age of chaos
people look
for a new order.
Because people are becoming aware
of this lack of order
they would like to be able
to create order
out of chaos.
The time
to create order
out of chaos
is now.
The germ of the present
was in the past
and the germ of the future
is in the present.
The thing to do
is to give up old tricks
and start to play new tricks.

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Which makes Archbishop McNicholas say:
8775 We have been guilty
of encouraging tyranny
in the financial world
until it has become
a veritable octopus
strangling the life
of our people. 8776

To begin with, Emerson asserts that "the poet is representative," standing "among partial men for the complete man," apprising us "not of his wealth, but of the commonwealth." Instead of treating the poet as a superior kind of person, placed by his talent above the ordinary run of human beings, Emerson here lays down the cornerstone of a modern democratic aesthetic. The poet is a greater person than the ordinary, but his very greatness is his representative nature. The poet realizes and actualizes the humanity we all share and can realize in ourselves. This concept of the representative poet would form the major theme of Emerson's 6855 book, Representative Men , and it is an important concept for the early Whitman.

The riches of Maurin 8767 s prophetic message, more alive than ever in a time of moral and economic crisis, are here for all to plumb, not only Catholics, but all who hunger for a more peaceful and just society, 8775 where it is easier for people to be good. 8776

It is said that Abbe Chardonnel,
who was a poet,
became a priest
so he could be more of a poet.
You, who are a born agitator,
have become a priest,
which makes you more of an agitator.
In St. Louis University
you turn out Masters of Arts,
but as Diego Rivera says:
8775 All art is propaganda. 8776
And as all propaganda is agitation,
it behooves St. Louis University,
one of the best American universities,
to turn out Masters of Agitation.
So The Catholic Worker suggests
that you, our Master Catholic Agitator,
start in St. Louis University
a School of Catholic Agitation
for the popularization of Catholic Action.
Yours for Catholic Action,
For The Catholic Worker,

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