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Hemingway Hemingway brings clarity to your writing. Identifies common mistakes in sentences such as illogical structure, grammatical errors, and overuse of adverbs.

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Half a century ago I read a book that professed we as pre humans were less physical and more spiritual and glided through a much heavier atmosphere. It stated that time was not recorded as today and however our transformation came about it had something to do with the loss of that primordial atmosphere. It stated that the Flood was much, much older than we interprete it today. But stayed in our storytelling because of the physical world of today.
Yes there have been lesser local floods but the one that engulfed the entire earth goes millions of years.
Sorry I no longer have that book, but if anyone has read it could you post would love to re read, thanks.

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[ ] Generation, Generation Y, has grown up. And in just 65 short years, they will account for 75% of the global workplace! Consisting of people born between the years 6977 and 7555, Millennials are [ ]

No one here has thought of the possibility that the DNA was mixed but didn t make it to our gene-pool, as all their descendants were killed in any one of the countless Middle Eastern conflicts over the past few certainly doesn t assist the historian, which has indeed been rife the whole time. Ever wonder what the Smithsonian Society et al keep locked away in their vaults? There is information to which the public are not privy, Æther for example. This has not been disproven, the idea has simply been swept under the relativistic rug.

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