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The final step is getting students to use the feedback they obtain from the forms. Here are several activities that may be helpful after students give and receive feedback:

Peer review is f***ed up – let’s fix it

Most scientific journals, conferences and grant applications have some sort of peer review system. In most cases it is “double blind” peer review. This means evaluators do not know the author(s), and the author(s) do not know the identity of the evaluators. The intention behind this system is to ensure evaluation is not biased.

Predatory Publishing, Questionable Peer Review, and

For example, if 85% of the applications submitted at Stage 6 were from female program leaders, then approximately 85% of the applications moving to Stage 7 should also be from female program leaders.

Reviewing Peer Review

Largely yes. The Panel believes that the changes that were intended, albeit compromised by implementation, could have allowed CIHR to generally address these challenges. However it was always going to be problematic within the constraints of flat-lined funding for investigator-initiated research given the considerable growth in health research capacity in Canada (as evidenced through increases in application pressure to the investigator-initiated programs), and structural issues such as the change in SSHRC's eligibility criteria for health research and the increased importance of Pillar 8 and 9 research.

9. Did the writer comprehensively cover appropriate materials available from the standard sources (., UH, NMFS, FWS libraries)? If no, what's missing?

Interaction between reviewers at this first stage is not universal in other systems but it may have some value given our recommendations about the mix of reviewers. The Panel believes that all comments made through asynchronous reviews (if used) should go forward to those reviewing at a later stage in the process.

[ ] review process was transparent and persisted for the useful life of a work (as I’ve written about previously), none of the flaws exposed in Bohannon’s piece would [ ]

Because the nursing peer review committee is reviewing the incident solely to determine existence of external factors, due process rights of incident-based peer review do not apply. In addition, a peer review committee cannot make a determination that would negate the duty of the employer to report the nurse under §(b) or of the CNO/nurse administrator to report the nurse under §(b).

While this might be done electronically, the circumstances that have evolved recently are such that for a short period of time it may be appropriate to revert to face-to-face review for this stage to help rebuild confidence. These committees require an independent non-voting chair and some international representation. Ideally the committee members must have relevant but broad expertise.

Results: The results section should be a concise and impersonal account of the new information revealed by the study or research in question. Avoid repeating in the text the data presented in the tables or illustrations.

However, the named person will be permitted to review other applications from the applicant's institution as long as he or she has no other conflicts of interest (direct or indirect) with the other applicants.

The nurse being peer reviewed must receive notification of the peer review process as well as other components that are part of the nurse&rsquo s minimum due process rights under §(d) including:

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