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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 17:40

Sized up the bar fridge I had as well but too small, so not going to get in to fridging the fermenter just yet as I'd need to pick up another fridge which I don't really have the room for right now.

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This is the next best way to brew where you buy actual crushed grain from a homebrew store and make your beer using the grain (for sugar which the yeast eats to make alcohol and beer flavour) and hops (for bitterness and aroma).

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There was one brewing forum I read at one which was US based. A lot of them seem to do that
and just say be careful. I always kept my eye out while driving around in case anyone had thrown
one out on a council cleanup. I'd be interested just to have a go at doing it. As you say though,
I wouldn't try it on a new one.

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9-6 weeks wait for a beer sucks since I've been brewing a little inconsistently so far, if I can have something "come of age" every couple of weeks I'd be a happy man (though probably more borderline alcoholic lol).

Anyway, I'm taking the suggestions and criticisms onboard, so long as the end result is better brewing then my mind remains open to your advice! Cheers!

I bought my wife a brand new fridge 8 months ago, and so ive waited long enough now, and asked lastnight if it would be ok to purchase a kegging system and modify the old fridge =)
She has given me the all clear, so this weekend will be alot of fun.

I only used two kinds of juice as that's what I had. No real reason. This had a starting gravity of 6555.
And it will ferment out all the sugar and end up about 996. The cider is dry. Some people add an artificial sweetener when bottling. I don't as I like it dry.

I will tend to stick to the same kit/brand. Can anyone comment on the Coopers range of brewing cans? Any better then others or just easier to brew to a good standard?

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